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Product Strategy/Management, Emerging technologies and Human Resources have been my 3 passions and pillar around which I have helped customers, industry leaders and bootstrapped startups over almost 2 decades.  My experiences and learnings have helped me deliver successful business results for an ecosystem (customers, employer, partners, collaborators) of products and services. 

Professional Opportunities and Impact

I have had the opportunity to help companies ranging from a headcount of 99 to 500k across India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, Saudi, Oman, Ghana, South Africa, Singapore, etc. to adopt/implement HR technology solutions. Engaged in Solution architecture, Business Process Re-engineering, Technology Strategy, Design, Development, Implementation, HR Transformation and Program Management of large systems implementations across varied industries (including Banking (BFSI), Hospitality, Construction, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government sector, Property Development, Oil and Gas, etc). 

Other Opportunities and Impact

I actively impart my learnings, knowledge and experience to the technology community through webinars and guest lectures on Digital HR transformation and product management. I am delighted to have had opportunities to engage and inspire next generation of leaders in premier B-schools, technology-led start-ups and engineering universities with an aim to nurture their growth and pave the way for their success. 

Story telling is powerful tool that has helped me increase professional, industry and social impact:

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